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Map Reference : NJ747288

Age : Circa.2500BC

Nearest Landmark : Daviot Village

Location :

Situated in 'Loanhead of Daviot' about 300 meters North West of the
Village of Daviot. Easy off road parking. The circle is some 100 meters from the car park
through a small wood

Other Details :

A fine example of a stone circle and adjacent ancient cremation cemetery ( just visable behind
third stone from the left ). The height of the circle stones noticably increases from the North
East towards the recumbent. The flanking stones on the far side has twelve cup marks on it,
perhaps used during the religeous rites performed here.

The people who built and used the circle farmed the land around; tools and burials associated
with there settlements have been found in the adjacent fields. They were probably descendants
of the first farmers in the area, who came here over 3000BC

Archeological investigation in the 1930's showed that, at a later date, the area within the circle had
been heavily burnt. This probably cleared the area in advance of human burials and the construction
of a ring cairn over the burnt area. The outer edge of the cairn is marked by a kerb of larger stones

A sketch of the cremation cemetery.