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Map Reference : NJ659268

Age : Circa.3000BC

Nearest Landmark : Hatton of Ardoyne

Location :

Up the hill from the road, don't take your car up this track as it has VERY deep ruts; I almost
never made it up the hill ! At the top of the hill is a small cottage & some farm buildings, the
circle is about 400 meters ( behind a low rise ) to the East of the cottage.

Other Details :

I met the welcoming farmer by the cottage and had a good long conversation with him about
the stone circle and the other people who have been by to see it. He mentioned that some folk
from the Millenium Commission ( or some body like that ) had recently been by to survey the
circle. The circle straddles two fields; a fence, holding back a particularly ugly looking bull, split
the recumbent and flankers off from the rest of the stones.

After visiting the circle I was not looking forward to the drive back down the hill, but the farmer
suggested driving through his recently harvested field - Thank You ! It was a slightly bumpy ride,
but much safer than the alternative route.

View of recumbent and flanker with Bennachie and the hill fort in the background.