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Map Reference : NJ699064

Age : Circa.2500BC

Nearest Landmark : Midmar Kirk

Location :

In the grounds of Midmar Kirk & graveyard. Easily accessable from
small parking area by the kirk.

Other Details :

The recumbent is about 4.5 meters long and is flanked by two stones of some 2.5 meters
high, resembling enormous canine teeth. Chocking stones have been used to ensure that
the surface of the recumbent is level.

The kirk was built in 1797 and the circle was tidied up when the graveyard was laid out
around the circle in 1914. At this time at least one stone was re-erected: that stone standing
on the NNE of the circle ( the recumbent faces South West where the moon rises ), since
its size does not follow the normal grading down from the flankers. Moreover, the recumbent
and the easterly flanker are not exactly on the line of the circle as it is now laid out. The tidying
up seems also to have removed traces of a later burial cairn.

An interesting single standing stone can be found near by.