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Map Reference : NJ759224

Age : Circa.2500BC

Nearest Landmark : Port Elpinstone Petrol Station

Location :

From the A96 come off the roundabout towards Port Elpinstone ( near Inverurie ) and take
the road towards the petrol station. About 100 meters along this road, just opposite the petrol
station, is an entrance to a field. The circle is some 100 meters into the field from here.

Other Details :

This 'circle' comprises of 3 stones, each about 1.5 meters high, on a mound surrounded by a
ditch; these three stones are sometimes refered to as a Henge. One of these stones has been
carved with pictish symbols.

The picture below shows the carved stone in the Henge. The stone shows a pictish beast above
a Crescent & V-Rod.