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Map Reference : NJ859132

Age : Circa.3000BC

Nearest Landmark : Kirkhill Forest / Tyrebagger Hill

Location :

Approach site from the 'Tyrebagger' road , A96, towards Newton & the industrial estate
as the approach from the North is guarded by a grumpy witch-like harpy at East Woodlands
who has barred the way by concrete filled oil drums.

Other Details :

Impressive 3.5 meter high flankers and a large flat recumbent. There are 8 standing stones
completing the circle.
Although the track to the site is easily accessed I would recomend using a land rover to
traverse the route, or to leave your vehicle at the bottom of the hill and walk the 1 kilometer
,or so, to the site as it is a somewhat bumpy ride.
The track down the North side of the hill is definately not recomended unless you have an
off-road vehicle - lickily for me there was not to much rain and I was going down hill, but a
few drops more rain and I would not have been going anywhere fast ; it was a wee bit boggy !
This circle is too close to 'civilisation' and as a result has suffered from some vandalism.