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Map Reference : NJ760224

Age : Circa.500AD

Nearest Landmark : Bankie Road, in Inverurie

Location :

About 10 meters from parking space opposite houses on Bankie Road
Clearly signposted from nearby streets in Inverurie.

Other Details :

About 1 meter high.
Known as the Brandsbutt Stone. This stone has been restored to some extent after its removal
from a dyke around the year 1900. the symbols comprise of a V-Rod & Crescent above a Z-Rod
and Serpent. On the left of the stone is an inscription in Ogham, an anchien language, and reads
IRATADDOARENS which has been associated with Eddarrnon, a possible rendering of Saint
Ethernances - a local saint.
Such an inscription reinforces the interpretation of at least some symbol stones being personal

Next to the stone the site of a stone circle was recently marked out in the grass, as at some time
in the past the circle ( 12-13 stones ) was deliberately destroyed. Two of the surviving stones have
been built into a nearby drystane dyke, the stones are just visable in this picture, and a third stone
is thought to be the one lying behind the Brandsbutt stone.