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Map Reference : NJ793163

Age : Circa.500AD

Nearest Landmark : Kintore Kirk

Location :

In Kintore kirk graveyard, just to the right as you enter through the main gateway into
the kirk grounds.

Other Details :

Found covering a grave in the grounds of Kintore kirk, but now prominantly displayed
at the kirkyard entrance. The front of the stone shows a salmon above a cauldron and
the back shows a crescent & V-Rod combination above a pictish beast ( possibly a dolphin ).
It is unusual to find a stone of this period that has carvings on both sides and from the
difference in quality of the carvings it is thought that the front and back were carved at
different periods.

Records show that two other stones were found, embeded in a large mound near the kirk.
The mound, which was some 50 meters in diameter and 10 meters high, was destroyed
during the building of the railway in 1850.