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Map Reference : NJ703259

Age : Circa.500AD

Nearest Landmark : Logie House

Location :

Entrance to site is easily missable. When heading North on the 96, about 2 Km past Pitcaple,
take the turn-off just before the parking/rest area at Logie Forrest ( a disused gate house is
by the turn-off ). Follow this single bumpy dirt track for about 0.5 Km , watch out for the first sleeping
policeman - it almost put my head through the roof, the stones are 30 meters on the left of the track.
It's difficult to see the carving on one of the stones here, as the image is very faint.

Other Details :

There are 3 carved stones at this site all about 1 meter high; carved as follows:

Crescent & V-Rod above a Z-Rod & Double Disc. Faint unrecognisable symbols at the top
of the stone. An Ogam inscription on circular stem-line has been documented, but I could not
see it probably due to the lighting conditions at the time.

Crescent & V-Rod and Double Disc.

Crescent and pictish beast