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Map Reference : NJ324392

Age : Circa.650AD

Nearest Landmark : Mortlach Kirk

Location :

This is a bit sketchy as I was just passing and forgot to take any notes ( and it was well over a year ago ),
but it is very easily accessable, just south of Dufftown where the Glenfiddich distillery is situated.
The stone is in the middle of the small graveyard of the kirk of Mortlach, not far south from Dufftown

Other Details :

Made of green slate, about 180cm high.
The stone used to stand on the west bank of Dullan Water, just to the south of Dufftown.

Left Picture:

i) On the top is the image on an eagle.
ii) Two thirds down the stone is an image of a snake & bull's head.
ii) At the bottom is a huntsman and hound.

Right Picture:

i) Top - Image of two opposing sea creatures.
ii) Middle - A cross with spirals ( spiral not visible on this picture ).
iii) Bottom - The image of an odd creature with 3 toes.