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Map Reference : NO779977

Age : Circa.400AD

Nearest Landmark : Park House

Location :

In a small wooded area to the right of Park House off the A93 road,
about 1 kilometer SW of Drumoak, towards the river Dee.

Other Details :

How I accessed this site was by way of a private road, that had an opened gate that
had a sign saying "Private Road" ( didn't notice this until I passed it on the way out ),
down a very steep incline off the A93. From the map it looks like access is available
from the other side of the stone leading back up to the A93.

The stone is set on a plinth, which serves as a replica of the original stone which is
badly faded.
It originally stood on Keith's Muir ( NO794984 ), about 2 kilometers from its present
location and was moved to its present location in 1821.

The stone has on it a V-Rod over a Crescent with Comb and Mirror below, a Semi-Circle
at the top and part of what looks like a Square on the left of the stone.